Wehrle ... The name sounds like a clock. Wehrle is indeed the leading brand for high-quality maintenance products for cars and trucks.

Founded in 1958, it became clear that the company is a global pioneer in the manufacturing of professional maintenance products for cars. The Founder Mrs. Wehrle coached both development, production as the sales and in a short time Wehrle became a well-known name and even a reference in the world of garages, body shops and carwashes.

Wehrle continued to invest in new products. A sophisticated production process and strict quality controls gave the company an enviable reputation.

In 1996, Christoph Meersman became CEO of Wehrle's Distribution, who is responsible for the global distribution of the Wehrle-products. Eight years later carcosmetix saw the light of day, and at that same time the production of new, revolutionary products started, which takes the most severe environmental regulations into account and the safety of the user. 

As of 2009, Carcosmetix and Wehrle where well-known and appreciated brands all over Europe. Many foreign companies sell the Wehrle-quality products, even under private label.

Fifty years of successful research and development for new and better products, result in a particularly strong image for the products by Wehrle and Carcosmetix today. That image is the basis for the worldwide success. That image gives confidence to thousands of satisfied users and enthusiastic dealers inland and abroad. That image and our quality products will definitely charm you.

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